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A difficult day, a nice end

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A coffee table or lunch?

Our coffee tables always take place in a space reserved for your company, so that you can be together in a discreet and quiet way. We offer various options. We are of course happy to discuss specific wishes with you.

Overview coffee tables

Say goodbye to a special location

Landgoed Overste Hof has various areas. Each with their own charm and various sizes. Depending on the size of the group and your wishes, we determine together which room we will reserve.

Enjoy a delicious coffee table with unlimited coffee and tea from Smit&Dorlas. We have a suitable location for every group. We serve various Limburg pies, such as the delicious apple pie, pudding crumb pie, cherry pie and/or apricot pie. In addition, we serve fresh types of sandwiches, so that there is something delicious for everyone. Choose from different toppings, such as tasty cheeses, various types of ham, tender chicken breast, cervelat and roast beef.

Coffee table from 50 people: € 19,50 pp

Our coffee table can be expanded as desired with various extras


Glass of Prosecco € 4,75
Creamy seasonal soup € 4, -
Butter chicken patty € 7, -
Croquette € 3, -
Drink hour € 8, -


Funeral with service and coffee table

A unique location for a personal funeral.
Landgoed Overste Hof offers various beautiful spaces, each with their own unique characteristics. You can say goodbye with us in a way that suits you.
After the farewell service, a coffee table moment can be used in a separate room.
Audio visual aids such as beamer, screen and sound are present.

Funeral on location Landgoed Overste hof € 400,-
Coffee table € 19,50 pp (See content coffee table above)
€ 4,50 per chair



Glass of Prosecco € 4,75
Creamy seasonal soup € 4, -
Butter chicken patty € 7, -
Croquette € 3, -
Drink hour € 4, -


"We experienced being together at Landgoed Overste Hof as very personal. Pleasant atmosphere and excellent service."

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