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Team building activities in South Limburg

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Team building at a special location

Gathering together in the middle of an idyllic landscape, where all necessary amenities are within easy reach. In addition to our special meeting facilities, Landgoed Overste Hof has 30 comfortable hotel rooms and an excellent restaurant.
We also offer an extensive range of team activities, both indoors and outdoors. Whether at our own accommodation or at one of the beautiful rural locations that Limburg has to offer.

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Landgoed Overste Hof offers a unique meeting location in the middle of the beautiful Gravenrode park. This location is located at the foot of the picturesque Wilhelminaberg hillside forest and is directly adjacent to the attractive ponds, which makes it special. The lavish facilities and beautiful rooms and suites of the farm hotel make Landgoed Overste Hof a very popular meeting location.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in designing the desired team building activities, so that your meeting is a successful and memorable experience.


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Team building activities


Herding sheep: a team building activity with a Limburg twist

With us, not only is our nature guide ready to take you on an adventure, but our sheep herder is also eager to help you discover more about Limburg. However, an extra challenge awaits you here: one flock of sheep and only 3 dogs. How do you get all the sheep safely back into their pen as quickly as possible?

  • Communication
  • Partnerships
  • Leadership

MTB clinic

South Limburg provides a beautiful backdrop for a mountain bike clinic. The forests, winding trails and rolling hills provide challenging terrain for a guided ride with a professional. A local top mountain biker is ready to guide you and provide you with valuable tips and tricks. In addition to technical advice, other important aspects play a role in mountain biking, such as endurance, recognizing limits and promoting team spirit. And of course we enjoy the wonderful paths and views.

  • Teamspirit
  • Recognize and indicate boundaries
  • Endurance


Are you looking for a sporty and fun activity to clear your head after a long meeting?
How about a fencing workshop?
Do you dare to compete with your colleagues to prove that you are the best fencer on the team?

  • Stepping outside the comfort zone
  • Competition element

Nothing is what it seems

This special team building activity is like no other. It is not a quiz or an escape room but a large game that consists of an endless number of game elements and possibilities. You play against each other in teams. Which team will manage to keep a cool head and will play the game smartest?

  • Working together under tension
  • to communicate

Cycling through the caves of Valkenburg

Would you rather get away from the location with your team? That's no problem, we can also organize a number of fun activities in our area. Consider, for example, a bike ride through the caves of Valkenburg.


Climbing course

Build bond and trust within your team by guiding each other through a course at high altitudes. Plus, enjoy the beautiful view of South Limburg during the course!

  • Trust
  • cooperation

Connect and collaborate

Through this game you can bring your team closer together. During the game it is all about connection, collaboration and energy. The game can be organized on location and is fun for both small and large groups.


  • Partnerships
  • Connection

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